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Sunday, October 1, 2023

    Two killed in Malekula car accident

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    Two people have died and six have been admitted to the Norsup Hospital following a road accident in Malekula.

    Police in Lakatoro confirmed the road accident happened this morning in the Bethel area in northeast Malekula.

    Police Commander of Malampa, David Bongranlie, says the accident was caused by brake failure.

    He says a hilux double cab was travelling at speed down a hill in the Bethel area this morning, when it appears the brakes failed and the vehicle flipped over.

    “There were eight passengers in the vehicle, two died and others are in serious conditions and were admitted to the Norsup Hospital,” Mr Bongranlie said.

    “The accident happened around 8:30 this morning.

    “One of the men who died is a teacher from Wala and the other is from Rano in Malekula. The two are in their mid-40s.”

    A nurse at the Norsup Hospital, Philip Messev, says the two deceased men were rushed to the hospital after the incident but the hospital could not save them.

    Nurse Messev says the six men who suffered injuries are undergoing treatment.

    He says one of those injured was a young boy of around 15 years of age who is in a coma and in a serious condition.

    “The others who were also seriously injured are aged about 40,” he said.

    The Malampa Police Commander says it is likely an emergency flight to Port Vila will be needed so the injured men can receive further treatment.

    He says the driver will be charged according to the law because the accident resulted in two deaths.

    “The driver was also admitted to the hospital but is in a stable condition and we will deal with him after he is released from the hospital,” Mr Bongranlie said.

    “The police always advise the public to drive with care and drivers must ensure their vehicles are in good condition especially transport drivers, before they carry any passengers and do transport services.”

    Mr Bongralie also asked the Public Works Department to ensure vehicle road worthy inspections are carried out properly as he says the checks are critical to road safety.

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