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    Missing man found dead-Tanna

    The man who went missing on Sunday at Sulphur Bay, Tanna has been found dead this morning.

    Thirty-Two year old, Nanun Philemon of Lamakarah Village on Sulphur Bay told his wife on Saturday night that he would be going out gardening the following Sunday morning.

    Local, Rudolph Lahi told VBTC News that after searching for two hours this morning, his body was discovered this morning around 10:22am.

    “Around 6am, men from the village tried searching for his body but were unsuccessful and were only able to find his diving gun,” Mr Lahi said.

    Mr Lahi called the Police and alerted them of the situation and at 8:30am, two scuba divers from the Tanna Evergreen resort were brought in to help.

    He said Mr Philemon’s wife woke up the Sunday morning to find her husband missing, she questioned their children for his whereabouts but they did not know.”

    “After attending a Sunday village meeting that lasted an hour where he did not show up. His wife knew he had gone diving.

    “That same morning their 14 year old son along with some other boys find his fathers clothes on the rocks down by the sea. Thinking his dad was still out diving, the son decided that he would sit and wait for his father to return and they would go home. Later that Sunday locals saw the 14 year old boy crying on his way home, carrying his fathers clothes.

    “Villages rushed to the sea coast in an attempt to find him but as it was already late there was nothing much they could do so they returned back to the village.” said Mr Lahi.

    Mr Lahi said his body was later discovered this morning.

    He said a similar incident happened some year ago where a young boy died on the same spot near the sea coast.

    By trainee journalist; Adonnai Varahu.






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