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    Founding father urges ‘Don’t forget our past’

    A founding father and former politician has urged young journalists to write more about Vanuatu’s history.

    In a recent presentation to trainee journalists, Pastor Sethy John Regenvanu called on future writers to compile more about people who have contributed to Vanuatu’s history and record their stories.

    “I am one of the few leaders who is still around and we are sort of a rare commodity,’’ he said.

    “I’m not going to be speaking to people all the time.

    “You may say that you cannot find important books that pertain to us, then you have to ask why.

    “I want you people to feel able to come and interview us who have lived in different stages of the country’s evolution and have had the experience of leading this country into independence – and interview us and write books about us.’’

    The 78-year-old author elaborated on the writings that are important for people to read and said that they included significant stories that tell people about the happenings of this country.

    He opened his presentation by displaying some of his own published work, which included his autobiography entitled ‘Laef Blong Mi’ written in 2004.

    Pointing to his autobiography, he said not many writers have written about important people in Vanuatu’s history.

    “Not many of us have got a life story – like I have here,’’ he said.

    “It means that they (writers) have not done important life experiences stories which are a very important part of this history. They are the identity of this nation.’’

    By Agnes Herbert




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