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    UEFA EURO 2024: Knockout Stage Excitement and High Hopes for Europe’s Elite

    The UEFA European Football Championship 2024, hosted in Germany, is gearing up for an exciting climax as the tournament progresses into the knockout stages. The competition kicked off on June 14 and will culminate with the final in Berlin on July 14.

    Upcoming Matches

    The Round of 16 matches have already set a thrilling tone. Germany and Switzerland emerged victorious over Denmark and Italy, respectively. England edged out Slovakia, while Spain dominated Georgia. Upcoming matches include:

    • France vs. Belgium on July 1 in Düsseldorf
    • Portugal vs. Slovenia on July 1 in Frankfurt
    • Romania vs. Netherlands on July 2 in Munich
    • Austria vs. Turkey on July 2 in Leipzig

    Following these matches, the quarterfinals will take place on July 5-6, with notable fixtures such as Spain vs. Germany in Stuttgart and England vs. Switzerland in Düsseldorf​ (Sporting News)​​ (NBC Sports)​.


    Expectations are high for traditional powerhouses like France, England, and Germany. France, led by Kylian Mbappe, remains a favorite due to their deep squad and attacking prowess. England, looking to avenge their Euro 2020 final loss, boasts in-form players like Jude Bellingham and Harry Kane. Hosts Germany aim to leverage home advantage and their recent strong performances​ (FOX Sports)​​ (​.



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