Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Sunday, April 14, 2024

    Kavman hemi usum VT1.2billion blong helpem Air Vanuatu.

    Kavman hemi stap lukluk posibiliti blong putum Air Vanuatu iko long Praevet Sekta.

    Hemi stap weit long Air Vanuatu blong hemi providem sam infomesen befo Council blong olgeta Minista istap apruvum plan ia.

    Minista blong Foren Afea we hemi semtaem Deputy Prime Minista, Hon. Matai Seremaiah i talem toktok ia long foret blong olgeta praevet sekta mo stakeholder.

    Hemi talem se Kavman hemi stap lukluk situesen blong Air Vanuatu mo hemi lukim se i nid blong putum iko praevet kasem taem hemi faenem wan wei blong operetem International Service blong Air Vanuatu bagegen.

    “Gavman tru long ofis blong Praem Minista yumi stap rili konsidarem blong openem ap sky blong yumi. Yumi stap wait yet long ol analasis blong kam, blong givim yumi direksen.” Hon Seremaiah i talem.
    “But it is very likely that we will open up our sky. And we will focus on our domestic, kasem taem we yumi gat enaf blong yumi kobak focus long international fleet blong yumi.”

    Gavman hemi holem 100% share long Air Vanuatu kompea long Fiji Airways weh 60% hemi Kavman.
    President blong Chamber blong Commerce, Antoine Boudier i se Kavman isud hariap blong pem aot kaon blong Air Vanuatu weh forum ia harem se hemi ova long 6 billion Vatu.

    “It has been demonstrated this morning that we have an excess of liquidity in our national banking industries. Let’s find a way to bail that debt which currently increasing on a day-to- day basis.” Mr. Boudier I talem.

    Minister blong Foren Affair i confirm se Kavman hemi givim finis long las wik wan amaon blong ova 1 billion Vatu blong helpem Air Vanuatu.
    Hemi money we i kamaot long wan Budget blong niufala aricraft.

    “I think last week again the shareholders again and even the council of minister had to inject another 1.2 billion. And that money was taken out of the money that was passed in Parliament to deposit for our new aircraft. Unfortunately, we have to keep the airline going. We need to take that money out and bail out Air Vanuatu.”



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