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    Vanuatu students in Fiji say COVID restrictions affects study

    Vanuatu students studying in Fiji says COVID-19 rules in Fiji has largely affected their study.

    The Vice President of the Vanuatu National Provident Fund Members Support Scheme, Student Association, Glen Bule, says the students found it very difficult to study well when strict COVID-19 rules are applied in the campus.

    He says “Nationwide curfew in Fiji has caused many students to spend less time in the Laucala Campus to do their school work.”

    “Students had to go back home early because of the curfew that started at 10pm to 4am every day,” Mr Bule said.

    He says the computer laps and library were closed early every day thus limiting the number of students accessing the facilities.

    Mr Bule says the teachers have no strict rules for course assessment datelines and are working closely with students who struggled to complete their courses on time.

    Many students studying in Fiji said restrictions are placed in areas that are mostly used by students to get information.

    Mr Bule says their huge challenge is that many students are used to waking up late at night and working on school assignments inside the campus but the restrictions has prevented them from doing that.

    A Postgraduate Student says students have begun their mid-year break for another semester, beginning on 3 August.

    The University of the South Pacific has confirmed in the second semester; the school will resume activities normally. However, it is closely monitoring the COVID situation in Fiji and will later inform students on any changes.

    Students are now hoping they will resume studies normally in the second semester or to continue with online studies if the COVID situation is worsened in Fiji.

    Mr Bule says “No matter the challenges, the University of the South Pacific in Fiji has a good management strategy in place that is effective and it helps the students a lot in completing their course works in this first semester.”

    Fiji has announced eight border quarantine COVID-19 cases since 6 July.



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