Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Special allowance for COVID health workers

    Vanuatu nurses and doctors who will work with COVID-19 patients are entitled to a special allowance from the World Health Organization.

    The Vila Central Hospital’s Medical Superintendent, Dr Tony Harry says the United Nations through the World Health Organization is providing this allowance to all health workers dealing with COVID-19 patients around the globe.

    He says these health workers are at high risk of being exposed to the virus.

    Dr Harry says a total of 22 Vanuatu nurses and two doctors will be based at the Vila Central Hospital as the main center to treat any COVID-19 patients in Vanuatu.

    Dr Harry says this COVID-19 pandemic has been a worry for the health workers as they have always been at the front line of such health crises.

    However, the Vanuatu Ministry of Health assures the health workers that they will get this work risks allowances. But only when Vanuatu gets a confirmed case.

    Mr Harry says after their 14 days shifts they will go into quarantine in a facility assigned by the government.

    He says the health workers will spend many months away from their families.

    VBTC understands the Vanuatu Government is still paying for health workers insurance who have worked during Cyclone Pam disaster.




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