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Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Some cyclone relief tinned fish inedible

    Some people from Pentecost Island have found worms inside the Pearl brand tinned fish distributed to them as part of a second round of Cyclone Harold emergency food deliveries last week.

    Ben Bulekon from Vanmelang village says the tinned fish was distributed on Pentecost to people affected by the cyclone by Vanuatu’s National Disaster Management Office (NDMO).

    Mr Bulekon says when people opened the tins, they found worms inside them, and he says some of the tins broke open on their own and were boiling like rotten eggs.

    “We want to raise our concerns regarding the Pearl tinned fish that NDMO officers distributed last Monday,” he said.

    Mr Bulekon says the tins had not yet reached their expiry dates.

    National Disaster Management Office representatives told VBTC they are currently investigating the issue.

    Cyclone Harold hit the northern areas of Vanuatu in early April and the NDMO has been providing emergency assistance to those affected.

    Spoiled tins of fish, of the Oki brand, were also found in emergency supplies delivered by NDMO to Tanna during an emergency aid response to Yasur Volcano ashfall damage early this year.

    After the problems with the quality of tinned fish in the Tanna distribution, the National Disaster Management Office had undertaken to work with health authorities to conduct thorough health to checks on all food before it was distributed in a disaster.



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