Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Sunday, April 14, 2024

    Second stimulus package payment release

    The Vanuatu Government is releasing more than VT 20 million to entitled employers for the second payment of the stimulus package.

    A total of 80 companies are now included in this second payment.

    The Employment Stabilization Team under the Finance Department, says this second payment for April and May will be made to entitled companies as off today.

    Rex Willie, the Stimulus Package Team Leader, says companies that have received the first stimulus package payment in March are also included in this second payment.

    Mr Willie says prior to the release of the payments, the employer must present a statement from the Vanuatu National Provident Fund showing evidence of the first payments made to their employees.

    “This is to prove that the money provided by the government has been used accordingly,’ he said.

    “The first payment which is worth VT123 million covers a total of 3,670 workers.”

    Mr Wille says the Council of Ministers review of the stimulus package criteria has enabled the 80 companies to qualify for the government’s stimulus package.

    He says among these 80 companies are two telecommunications companies, Digicel Vanuatu and Vodafone and one energy company Vui in Santo.

    “And their payments are underway,” Mr Willie said.

    Mr Willie says the assessment criteria takes into consideration the impact of COVID-19 on the companies’ profits status.

    He says more companies could qualify for the stimulus package.






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