Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

    Red Tide warning continues

    People in some areas of North Efate continue to receive warnings of a Red Tide that has recently occurred.

    Vanuatu’s Fisheries Department keeps warning people in the areas of Mangaliliu to Lelepa Landing and the offshore island of Moso, for people not go out to the reefs or the sea as it is still unsafe for them.

    The Department’s Deputy Director, Sompert Gereva, says the Red Tide has moved out of the area but it is still unsafe for communities close by to go to the reefs or coastline.

    “People are not allowed to go to the reefs as yet or to the coastline to get fish,” he said.

    He says the tide was moved out by a southeast wind that blew a couple of days ago in that area.

    He says the tide has also moved out from Moso but it is still unsafe for people there to go to the sea or reef.

    “People there will see that the Red Tide has gone but they must not get close to the reefs or the coastline because of their health and safety and their kids’ safety as well.”

    The Deputy Director, says a Fisheries Team that is currently in the area assessing the situation, will confirm when it will be safe for people to get back to the coastline or the reefs.

    Many people in North Efate are frightened to go out to the reefs or the coastline saying they have smelled the Red Tide when there is low tide.

    Mr Gereva says it is important that people properly managed their waste on the land.

    He advises people that before they do any activities on the land, they have to understand the impacts it will have in the sea especially dealing with agriculture and livestock activities.

    He says farms near rivers and the use of fertilizers on hills or close to the river can allow for rain to wash the waste from these activities down to the sea.



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