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    Penama Day games played in heavy rain

    More than 200 people gathered in Ransuksuk village in South Pentecost this week to celebrate Penama Day from 10–17 September and week-long sporting competitions were a highlight of the celebrations.

    The Lonran Volleyball Club from Ransuksuk community in South Pentecost won the Penama Day Women’s Volleyball competition grabbing VT30,000.

    The Area Secretary for Malpangpang Area Council in South Pentecost, Ken Bebe, says the competitions that took place in Ransuksuk to celebrate Penama Province Day ended yesterday with the Lonran womens’ team beating Pangi Youth in the grand final with three sets to nil.

    Bebe Sese, the Lonran Volleyball and Football Club Head Coach, says “I am so happy about the win. The winning was achieved through hard work and determination.”

    Mr Sese says the Lonran Volleyball Club has taken part in many tournaments around Pentecost.

    Ken Bebe, the Area Secretary for Malpangpang Area Council, says Pangi Youth from Pangi village in South Pentecost was awarded the second-place prize money of VT20,000.

    He says it was a tough competition because the players had to compete in heavy rain.

    Mr Bebe says the third-place winner was Green Bird Volleyball team winning VT15,000, beating the Bayhomo women’s team in the final with a score of three sets to nil.

    And Bayhomo won fourth place with VT5000.

    The Lonran Volleyball and Football Club Head’s Coach, added that in the men’s volleyball competition, the Saint Henry men’s team from Analang community in Southeast Pentecost took the first-place prize of VT30,000.

    Mr Sese says Saint Henry beat the Lonran men’s team with a score of three sets to nil.

    He says the Lonran men’s team was awarded the second-place prize of VT20,000.

    Mr Sese says the Saint Henry Men’s Team two won the third place of VT10,000 and the Lonberah men’s team took the third-place prize of VT5000.

    Mr Sese says, “We had also organised other ball games like football and futsal, but unfortunately these games could not be played because of heavy rain and flooding.”

    He says the organising committee looks forward to holding another successful Penama Day celebration next year and will aim to involve more sports competitions.

    “We have some good volleyball athletes in our remote areas, and organising sports competitions like this in the rural communities is a good way to develop and identify skilled athletes in different sports,” Mr Sese said.

    Malpangpang’s Area Secretary, Mr Bebe, says despite local people going through a lot during the recent Cyclone Harold disaster in April, many took time off to celebrate Penama Day and relieve stress by having some fun.

    Vanuatu’s Penama Province consists of the islands of Pentecost, Ambae and Maewo and the islands come together to celebrate Penama Day every year on 16 September.



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