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    Ministry of Justice: Parents should spend more time with their children

    Reflecting on the importance of Children’s Day 2020, Shefa’s Child Protection Officer, James Anga, says parents spending more time with their children is vital.

    Mr Anga who is one of two Child Protection Officers at the Ministry of Justice’s Child Desk Office says parents will see change if they spend more time with their children, who will be encouraged to attend school and will learn how to behave in public and manners and respect.

    “Today there are many issues affecting children such as sexual, physical and emotional abuse,” Mr Anga said.

    Mr Angas said the theme for Children’s Day 2020, which was celebrated on 24 July, was ‘Children are our future’.

    “It simply means we have to value our children, protect them at the community, provincial and national level. This is what we should do throughout this 40 year anniversary of Independence and into the future.”

    “As an officer in charge of the rights and protection of children, I call on communities to seriously consider how to better value and protect the children,” he said.

    “Spending more time with kids is praying with them, talking to them and teaching them how they can become good adults in the future.”

    Vanuatu established 24 July as an annual public holiday for Children’s Day and is the only country in the Pacific that has a public holiday to celebrate the value of children.

    Mr Anga acknowledged all parents around Vanuatu on their hard work and asked them to continue caring, valuing and protecting their children.



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