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    Government calls on people to make good use of land

    The Vanuatu Government calls on the people of Vanuatu to protect and make good use of their land.

    Speaking during the opening of Vanuatu’s 40 years Independence Anniversary Celebrations, Vanuatu’s Deputy Prime Minister, Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau, said land had been the main contributing factor to Vanuatu gaining its Independence in 1980.

    He says the land had been what foreigners had come to access when they came to New Hebrides in the past.

    “Today, the people of Vanuatu have won back their land from the foreigners but they must make good use of it,” Minister Kalsakau said.

    “The people must make good use of their land by growing many local foods.”

    Minister Kalsakau says the Ni-Vanuatu people should understand the meaning of Independence and should not be focused on getting foreign assistance.

    Minister Kalsakau made his comments while addressing over 15,000 people at the Independence Park in Port Vila last Thursday during the victory parade that opened the one week of Vanuatu’s 40 years’ Independence Anniversary festivities.

    Independence festivities are happening in all six provinces of Vanuatu with different activities leading up to 30 July on Thursday this week as Vanuatu turns 40.

    Vanuatu gained its Independence on 30 July 1980 when it cast off the two colonial powers of Britain and France.



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