Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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    Charter flight failure disrupts egg production

    A large egg supplier in Vanuatu is starting to see a decline in its egg production. Kenneth Thode, the owner of the Chiko Farm in...

    Government to target economic support on agricultural sector

    The Government will shift its COVID-19 and Cyclone Harold economic support to agricultural production, saying continuing a broader crisis support package beyond the end...

    COVID crisis – Tourism sector must think ‘outside the box’

    An official from Vanuatu’s hard-hit tourism sector has voiced support for the Government’s decision to shift its broad economic stimulus package to agricultural production. The...

    Reserve Bank Governor warns – spend with care, as economy faces troubled times

    The Governor of the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu has warned people need to be cautious with their money as COVID-19 continues to spread and...

    Vanuatu wood carver seizes new opportunity

    Vanuatu artist sees opportunities to earn vatu despite COVID -19 pandemic.

    Storian Blong Yumi

    CARE assisting Tafea outer islands to recover food gardens

    CARE assisting Tafea outer islands to recover food gardens. FOTO: CARE INTERNATIONAL VANUATU

    Australian Defense Force to Vanuatu

    Hundreds of Australian defence force personnel will arrive in Vanuatu to help with recovery efforts as international assistance flows into the nation following Tropical...

    Vanuatu to welcome first Carnival cruise ship tomorrow

    This month is an exciting time for the tourism industry as it is set to be the trial month for cruise ships to Vanuatu...

    Trek to danger in Santo needs fixing

    The seriously dangerous trek to Bigbay Inland in central Santo which includes a marathon 48 river crossings could cost lives if urgent road repairs...

    Missing man found dead-Tanna

    The man who went missing on Sunday at Sulphur Bay, Tanna has been found dead this morning. Thirty-Two year old, Nanun Philemon of Lamakarah Village...
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