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    Call for unity for Luganville development

    Vanuatu’s Department of Local Authorities has called on the mayor and municipal counsellors of Luganville to unite to develop the town.

    The Director of the Department of Local Authorities, Leith Veremaito, made the call during a Luganville Municipal Council appreciation ceremony for the department this week in Luganville.

    Mr Veremaito asked the mayor and counsellors to unite and put aside any political differences to create a better future for Luganville.

    “You all have your political priorities and affiliations but I want this municipality to move forward and I need the support of all of you to achieve this,” he said.

    Mr Veremaito said, as someone who was born in Luganville, he was concerned the town was going backwards and he urged the council to have a clear vision for the future of the town.

    “I want to see this town grow but it is becoming more and more run down,” he said.

    “I want us to change that and for the council and the department to work together to move this town forward.

    “If the people haven’t had their rubbish collected, if their town continues to be degraded and stagnate it is not the fault of the public.

    “It is because we have not been able to engage with local people [and local businesses] so they all work together. In the end, the people will judge us on what we have or haven’t achieved.”

    The director urged the council to focus on Luganville’s potential as Vanuatu’s second most important town and said while Port Vila was the country’s leading administrative centre, Luganville could be much more than that.

    “Think beyond the horizon to the opportunities we have to grow this town,” he said.



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