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Thursday, June 13, 2024

    COM i stopem aktiviti blong logging long Santo

    Counsel blong Minista (COM) hemi instructem kampani blong Vanuatu Forest Indastri Limited (VFIL) blong stopem logging mo expotem ol log we oli stap long Palekula, Santo.

    Minista blong Climate Change, Hon. Ralph Regenvanu hemi talem se las manis, COM hemi agri blong VFIL kampani hemi expotem ol logs we oli katem finis from oli wari se bae i roten.

    “The Council of Minister’s decision is that the logs that have already been cut that are stacked at Palekula can be exported and so, the company has applied for a permit to do a temporary wharf at Palekula and the Environment Department has issued that permit.

    “So they should start to export now at Palekula, those logs that are already cut, they were worried they are going to rot so that’s done.” MP Regenvanu hemi talem.

    Minista hemi talem se oli bin isu wan penalti notis long 2022 be Department blong Environment hemi no kipim gud rekod blong hem mekem se oli nosave verifiem penalti fine blong olgeta.

    “I’ve never received any permit long Department blong Environment which is unlawful so their activities in Santo have been unlawful because I’ve never obtained any environmental permit and because of that we’ve issues a stop work notice that they can no longer proceed with any logging on Santo and that’s been supported by the Council of Ministers (COM) which has instruct that the company stops its activities in Santo.” MP Regenvanu hemi talem.

    Minista hemi explenem moa se ol Gavman department oli no folem gud process, “process blong law blong Vanuatu has not been followed, permits have been given unlawfully by the Forestry Department so there is questionable conduct by staff of the Department of Forest, why did they give a permit without following the proper process.

    “There’s now pressure being applied to the Environment by the Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC) is acting outside of what he should be doing, he’s not acting as an independent overseer of the employs of Government, he’s actually coming in with the investors into meetings.

    “So he’s acting unlawfully and in breach of the leadership code and definitely public servants of the Foresty Department are also involved in doing things that is unquestionable conduct of the leadership code.”

    VBTC Nius hemi askem Minista sapos bae i kat on-going investigesen. 

    “I doubt it, we asked for the Forestry Department to do an investigation but never heard back.”

    COMs decisen hemi askem tu blong VFIL kampani hemi pem royalties long ol land owna.

    “COM has asked the company to pay royalties to all the landowners, the Company has not done that, the Company is acting in breach of the law by not paying royalties and despite COM saying they have to pay royalties they still haven’t paid the royalties.”

    Minista hemi talem se mein poen hemi blong kampani i mas stopem operesen blong logging mo expotem ol log we oli katem finis.

    “COM has also instruct the company stop all activities on Santo island, while they can export those logs they can’t do any more cutting.”

    Insaed long COMs desisen i talem tu se Kampani bae mas kat wan negotiation o agrimen wetem Ministri blong Agriculture, Livestock, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries mo Biosecurity (MALFFB) mo Department blong Environment.

    “The Department of Forest and the Department of Environment have to come up with any agreement to go ahead in the future.”



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