Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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    Government of Vanuatu Provides Relief Support for the Tourism Sector in this time of Aviation Connectivity Issue

    The Government of Vanuatu has taken steps to provide temporary relief to the impacted tourism industry due to the aviation disruption connectivity issue.

    COM i stopem aktiviti blong logging long Santo

    Counsel blong Minista (COM) hemi instructem kampani blong Vanuatu Forest Indastri Limited (VFIL) blong stopem logging mo expotem ol log we oli stap long Palekula, Santo.

    Vanuatu Nasonal Nakamal Muvmen hemi mekem wan donesen kolo Ambrym

    Vanuatu Nasonal Nakamal Muvmen (VNNM) hemi mekem wan bigfala donesen blong 300 solar laet wetem ol samting blong aos i ko long ol pipol long Ambrym.

    Shareholders Miting blong finem kaon blong Air Vanuatu

    Olgeta kampani mo individual we Air Vanuatu i kat kaon wetem olgeta bae oli mit long wik ia blong harem stret total kaon blong Airline ia.

    CRB Rapid Response Plan long Santo

    Surveillance tim blong Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB) long Santo oli kik off long Rapid Response plan long plantesen blong Chapuis mo Ni Chi Ko long Suranda.

    VLRC conducts Consultations to review Mental Health and Inheritance Laws

    Community members in all six provinces across Vanuatu are urged to share their views on proposed reforms to the country’s mental health and inheritance laws.

    Liquidators’ Statutory Report to Creditors pursuant to Section 44 (1) of the Companies (Insolvency and Receivership) Act No. of 2013 (“the Act”)

    Liquidators’ Statutory Report to Creditors pursuant to Section 44 (1) of the Companies (Insolvency and Receivership) Act No. of 2013 (“the Act”)

    It is time to turn our attention to re-connecting our Islands

    The Espiritu Santo Tourism Industry urges the Vanuatu Government and liquidators to turn their focus to reconnecting the islands of Vanuatu.

    Delay blong tug bot hemi wan loss blong revenue : Ports and Harbour

    Dipatmen blong Ports mo Harbour hemi stap winim VT624 milien revenue blong Gavman evri yia long operesen blong tug bot insaed long Port Vila Harbour.

    Raet to Infomesen Law hemi blong karem stret infomesen

    Right to Infomesen (RTI) Act hemi stap blong mekem sua se yumi no spreadem ol kiaman infomesen long pablik.

    Storian Blong Yumi


    Vanom – Journey through Music 

    Journey of a young Music producer, singer, song writer through music. How Music has become a big influence in his life.

    Impact Blong Covid-19 Hemi Big Wan Tumas

    Impakt blong Covid-19 hemi big wan tumas. Hemi wan disruptive event we I rili damejem everi aspect blong society blong yumi, everi level blong...

    James The Farmer – Interests and Benefits of back yard gardening.

    James talks about his interests and the benefits in farming, horticulture. He encourages Vanuatu people to do back yard gardening to help with sustain...

    Dr Randy Vagaha’s Testimony on Covid-19.

    Doctor Randy Vagaha, Wan frontline health worker hemi sharem experience blong hem long taem blong covid-19
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