Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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    Arts mo disaens


    Carving Artist – Philemon

    Arts mo Desaen is a TV series on Television Blong Vanuatu. In this Episode Philemon , a Vanuatu skilled caving Artist.

    Painter and skilled stencil artist – Kiki Kuatonga 

    Arts mo Desaen is a TV series on Television Blong Vanuatu. In the Episode we join Kiki Kuatonga , a Vanuatu Painter and skilled...

    Storian Blong Yumi


    Vanom – Journey through Music 

    Journey of a young Music producer, singer, song writer through music. How Music has become a big influence in his life.

    Impact Blong Covid-19 Hemi Big Wan Tumas

    Impakt blong Covid-19 hemi big wan tumas. Hemi wan disruptive event we I rili damejem everi aspect blong society blong yumi, everi level blong...

    James The Farmer – Interests and Benefits of back yard gardening.

    James talks about his interests and the benefits in farming, horticulture. He encourages Vanuatu people to do back yard gardening to help with sustain...

    Dr Randy Vagaha’s Testimony on Covid-19.

    Doctor Randy Vagaha, Wan frontline health worker hemi sharem experience blong hem long taem blong covid-19
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